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Manhattan Collection Int’l Pte Ltd was founded in 2002. With an original concept and a signature tagline of


Until now, our furniture is still a hit with Home Owners, Interior Designers, Home Stylists, Architects, Property Developers, Media and many others.

Our signature concept is combinations of styles from the French, Italian, Victorian and Modern Classic era. Our forte is to be able to esthetically combine these styles to create a unique living space that is elegant, stylish from the old world and reintreprite to.

We do not compromise with our quality as we use high quality timber, fabrics, finishing and workmanship. We have skilled craftsmen with years of experience, honing their skills in our corporate factory in the region.

Our showroom display a wide variety of furniture, set in room setting, giving our walk-in customer reference to how they can replicate the concept into their homes. From our regular series of furniture, you have the option to get bespoke pieces to fit into your living spaces or requirements.
Besides retail, we also cater to turn-key projects for Property Developers, locally or worldwide. All inquiries are welcome.